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Łukasz Dziedzic (born 1977) –  is an audiovisual artist, musician, painter, designer, and art curator. He creates video films, installations, and musical projects. He has produced, curated, and organized several hundred exhibitions, performances, concerts, and other cultural events in Poland and abroad.

From 2004 to 2022, he co-managed the Szara Gallery, one of the more significant contemporary art galleries in Poland. Since 2023, he has been co-managing the artist-run space Oblatów 4 in Katowice. He is the founder and vice-president of the Szara Gallery Foundation.

He has arranged set designs and coordinated the organization of concerts and festival clubs at events such as Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Kino na granicy, Era Nowe Horyzonty in Cieszyn, the Festival of European Art Schools and Creativity „Kręgi Sztuki,” and the „Wakacyjne Kadry” Film Festival. He is the creator and leader of experimental audiovisual projects such as John Lake, Lugozi, and Iron Noir. He is the organizer and curator of the international music publishing and concert series „Exterritory,” which showcases the most interesting phenomena in contemporary alternative and experimental music from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. He co-curated four episodes of the „Videogalerie” and „Performance” series in cooperation with TVP Kultura.

He works with the medium of painting, finding in this traditional technique the possibility to process irritating and uncomfortable topics. In his projects, he addresses issues of corporeality, sexuality, emotions, close relationships, personality-forming moments, but also attitudes towards the country, the world, and humanity. These themes serve as building blocks for creating a new universe. They merge in the form of a loose visual notebook, mixing details from life, scenes referring to the history of culture, art, images inspired by newspaper photos, family albums, iPhone pictures, collections from the Internet, or dreams.

His projects have been shown both domestically and internationally, including at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, MOS in Gorzów Wlkp., MWW Contemporary Museum Wrocław, BWA in Bielsko Biała, CSW Kronika, and Gallery Entrance in Prague.

In 2013, he was co-nominated with Joanna Rzepka for the prestigious „Culturalist of the Year” award given by the journalists of the radio station „Trójka,” the authors of the Radiowy Dom Kultury program, for „consistency and determination in creating and managing a place important for the local community; for fighting the myths of Poland B and C; for musical searches and discovering the sounds of this part of the continent.” He was a scholarship recipient from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MKiDN) in 2020.

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Łukasz Dziedzic (ur. 1977) – (ur. 1977 r. ) artysta audiowizualny, muzyk, malarz, projektant i kurator sztuki. Tworzy filmy wideo, instalacje, projekty muzyczne. Wyprodukował, kuratorował i zorganizował kilkaset wystaw, performansów, koncertów oraz innych wydarzeń kulturalnych w Polsce i zagranicą.

W latach 2004-2022 współprowadził Galerię Szara, jedną z ważniejszych galerii sztuki współczesnej w Polsce. Od 2023 roku współprowadzi artist-run space Oblatów 4 w Katowicach. Fundator i wiceprezes Fundacji Galeria Szara.

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