To talk about emptiness there must be space. My emptiness is defined by the lack of a studio, and the space by meetings with students in classes based on artistic practices that go beyond art. This lack translated itself into the rich diversity of people and their languages in the face of the painful places that construct now our everyday life. Łukasz Dziedzic– with whom I created the beginnings of the Szara Gallery. A painter working critically on the field of colonialism. Michał Klasik, a maker of social glue and an outsider. But also an educator, sculptor, and– increasingly–the voice of non-human beings. Kama Świerad in her objects refers to corporeality, femininity with all the wealth of feminist reflection. Katarzyna Zakrzewska, an uncompromising environmentalist. Her works are compelling in their emptiness marked by a thin line in two colours. These are striking diagnoses of man in a world devoid of utopia or narrative. Maciej Maciejewski does not let go of the marasm he tries to analyse through traditional painting. And I, Joanna Wowrzeczka, with a need to connect, network and move beyond the world of closed and obvious art. I create mycelium, I produce a belief in the sense of all this work.

Joanna Wowrzeczka

curator: Joanna Wowrzeczka
artists: Łukasz Dziedzic, Michał Klasik, Maciej Maciejewski, Kamila Świerad, Joanna Wowrzeczka, Katarzyna Zakrzewska

Labirynt Festival: Shreds

curator: Joanna Wowrzeczka
place: Kulturmanufaktur Gerstenberg, Ziegelstraße 28A, Frankfurt (Oder), DE